February 23, 2015 Board of Dirctors Meeting

Bloomington Community Band February Board Meeting

February 23, 2015

Meeting called to order 8:59pm

In attendance: Jerry Jerome, Bill McGregor, Ron Sebben, Christy Townsend, Anita Elsey(visitor), Guy Hardy, Doug Davis, Lloyd Orr, Phyllis Solnzeff (visitor), Bob Appelman, Joe Car, Phil DiLavore, Gary Wiggins, Jim Kirkman (visitor), Chelsea Hoover,  Dick Hiatt (visitor), Carol Emmens (visitor)

Not in attendance: Don Westerhaus

President’s notes:

Please make sure that you’re reading the reports ahead of time so that we can move through the minutes and treasurer’s report quickly.


Gary motions to accept the minutes, Lloyd seconds.  Lloyd has amendments, and Christy should use spellcheck.

Minutes are approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report

Doug moves to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Phil seconded.

$1105 was the total donation for St. Thomas.  We might decide to increase our donation amount at the end of the year.

Treasurer’s report is accepted.


Lloyd proposes the following policy change:

Referencing the Wellington Fund:

The wellington fund investment (2/3 equities) makes sense only if the purpose is to produce long term income – as discussed at last month’s board meeting.  We will take 5%/year of an eventual 12 quarter moving average of the value of the fund.  However, it is not an endowment.  The fund is under our control, and funds can be withdrawn beyond the 5%/year.

Christy motions that we postpone this discussion to another meeting, Phil seconds.  So moved.

President’s Report

WELCOME to our visitors!  We are so happy you’re here!  Jerry has posted the procedure to bring issues to the board to be addressed.  Please always feel free to follow that procedure.

Old Business

Match Madness

We were accepted as one of the organizations involved in this.  This is for 25 hours, the 10th and 11th of March.  There will also be a large event on March 12th from 4-7pm.  For every dollar we collect, they will match about $1.5 Lloyd wants to get 4 people in band (including him) to put up $500 so that the match will be closer to $2.50 per dollar donated.  We are trying to not over-ask our membership to donate to the group.  We should get a very good return on this investment, even though it’s in the form of the endowment.

They have given us a marketing toolkit to help us improve our social media presence.  Guy would like us to organize ourselves on social media to help out with this campaign.

Trailer Lettering Progress

As soon as the temperature is up above 45*, we will be able to have the trailer lettered.  The vinyl doesn’t stick when it’s this cold.


Working on a mockup for a new brochure. T his will be important to help sell ads.  Christy would like Guy and Bill to get in touch with her about putting together this mockup.

Bill has gotten the banner ordered.  There will also be new trifolds.


We currently have about 18 scheduled events for this season.  Some new events include concert in the park on May 22nd in conjunction with the Parks and Rec department.  We will have assistance from the Parks and Rec department for publicity.  We are also looking at the Tivoli theatre in Spencer as well, possibly for a November 1st concert.  50% of the ticket sales go to a charity, and 50% go to the theatre’s operation.  We apparently have been bumped from the Farmer’s Market for several dates this summer.  We may be slid in during a Saturday in August.  The American Legion breakfast is September 26th.  SOME TIMES ON THE WEBSITE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


We are currently without a webmaster.  Chelsea is helping out with these duties.  The new website is very close to being launched.  Doug would like the board to discuss hiring Jenny at $25/hour, with a maximum limit of $200, to fix anything we are unable to fix ourselves.  One of the biggest differences with the new website is the removal/change of the OATS system.  Next Monday is the website committee meeting if anyone is interested in seeing the website before it launches.

We need to have a good, formal photograph of the band.  It might also be nice to have section photographs.  Doug would like us to actively pursue getting a professional photographer to take a formal portrait of the band, as well as individual sections.  One of the drawbacks to this is that our membership changes significantly.

Doug moves that we contract with Jenny Walters to support our website at $25/hour, with a maximum of $200, and that this is added to the budget.  Bill seconds.  Lloyd is concerned that we don’t have this money budgeted.  Phil suggests that we probably will not have major revisions before next fiscal year.  Motion passes.

Doug moves that we hire Jenny Walters to take a formal portrait and pictures of the sections sometime in the new future, at $25/hour.  Guy seconds.  Jerry suggests we table this discussion until we can discuss with Jenny what her fee would be for this.  This motion is tabled.

New Business

Minimum Musical Requirements for Membership of the BCB

This was discussed at the section leader’s meeting but no clear consensus was reached.  This question has now come to the band board to discuss.  At one point (2010) there was an amendment proposed to the band constitution.

Lloyd motions that we put together a committee made of board members that would look at this and suggest a policy that the board might be able to pass.  Doug seconds.  Motion passes.

Gary points out that there is a section of the Strategic Plan that suggests that we’re looking for “serious” players.  We should take this into account when discussing.

Meeting adjourned 10:11pm