September 19, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

BCB Board Meeting Minutes

9:00 p.m., Monday, September 19, 2016


Meeting was called to order by Jerry Jerome, president

  • Attendees: Doug Davis; Jerry Jerome; Patrick Zito; Gary Wiggins; Lloyd Orr; Don Talbott; Ryan Yahl; Joe Car; Bob Appelman; Phyllis Solnzeff; Phil DiLavore; Kyle Hetrick; Anita Elsey; Chelsea Hoover; Jenn Strayer; Bill McGregor; Don Westerhaus.
  • Minutes from the last meeting were tabled due to lack of copies available.
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • Report of close of fiscal year ending June 30, 2016.
    • We are missing dues from several people who have not paid.
      • Dues are not optional but there are avenues to appeal if money is a problem.
      • Phil DiLavore will call people who have not paid asking whether they wish to continue with band or not.
      • Phil has email list by section of who we think are members.
    • Bob Appelman moved and Bill McGregor seconded to accept treasurer’s report for June-August 2016.
    • $1,000 was added to income projection for 2016-17 as reflected in the August 2016 report.
    • Also discussed was the long-awaited audit of BCB books. Lloyd Orr indicated that an auditor had been hired in March and had completed his work, but that Lloyd had not had time to review the work.
  • Jerry Jerome discussed elections for Board officer elections for 2017.
    • Elections during first rehearsal in October.
    • Band will be emailed to apply for positions.
    • Jerry will appoint a nominating committee.
    • A slate of candidates will be proposed – voting for the block of candidates, not individually.
  • Don Westerhaus reported on status of uniform change work. Data has been gathered but not reviewed by the committee assigned to review and make a proposal to the board.
  • Doug Davis asked about promotion activities of the band and why social media websites such as Twitter are not being used. Social media chair Jenn Strayer will consider the options.
    • Jerry Jerome discussed the October 1 band fund raising breakfast at the American Legion.
    • There will be live entertainment by subgroups of the BCB.
    • Gary Wiggins will chair entertainment, featuring the German band, the Trombone group and the Dixieland group.
    • 200 tickets have been sold so far, with a price of $8 each.
  • Jerry Jerome started general discussion of band promotion activities at 4th Street Art Fair. It was brought out that Phyllis Solnzeff was stranded in the booth for longer hours because others who had signed up did not show. Recommendations for next year included assigning Board members to work and ensuring that section leaders provide assistance from their sections.
  • Jerry Jerome proposed to increase number of Board meetings from four per year to six. This discussion to be put on a future Board meeting agenda.
  • Ryan Yahl discussed interruptions during rehearsals by members visiting between tunes. He is cognizant of needing to give chops a rest but the need to fill time wisely as well.
  • The Halloween concert Oct. 30 at the Tivoli Theater in Spencer was discussed. We play at 6 p.m. with a 15 minute intermission to allow Tivoli to sell refreshments. Total concert time with break should be about 90 minutes.
  • Don Westerhaus discussed beginning to look at venues for 2017 concerts. Ryan Yahl mentioned that he has been approached by a new IU Brass group about holding a joint concert. He will follow up regarding options for a venue to hold such a concert.
  • Phil DiLavore discussed ways for band members to indicate when they will miss rehearsals or concerts. Using the band website versus Survey Monkey was mentioned. Phil will send out an email with information.
  • Band Library. Kyle Hetrick will be moving back to Indianapolis for work. Chelsea Hoover and Jenn Strayer will take over management.
  • Bill McGregor talked about posters for the American Legion breakfast and the Tivoli concert. He asked members to take posters to put up in businesses, and also talked about other ways to get exposure for the band.
  • Doug Davis moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Phil DiLavore.