May 21, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting



In Attendance: Jerry Jerome, Julie Kraft, Doug Davis, Bob Appelman, Phyllis Solnzeff, Andrew Felt, Tim Bitzer, Jenn Strayer, Richard VanArsdel, Ron Hardesty, Joseph Car, Dominic Thompson, Anita Elsey

DATE: May 21, 2018

Meeting called to order at 9:15 PM.

  1. Minutes
    1. Minutes approved to be added to the record
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Report approved to be added to the record
  3. Code of Conduct
    1. We still need to formally discuss the new Code of Conduct with the band.
    2. Jerry will resend the email outlining the Code; he will include a message scheduling a meeting of the band.
  4. Directors’/Board Members’ Responsibilities
    1. Board members should review their responsibilities to make sure that they’re covering all their duties.
    2. We need to clarify who is responsible for collecting dues, especially delinquent ones.
  5. Richard: The Library Intern hasn’t been a very valuable position this year.
    1. Especially when most of the new music has been needed at the last minute, there hasn’t been much for the intern to do. We don’t seem to be getting our money’s worth.
      1. Jenn: It would be helpful if the intern and a few volunteers could flip the files in the library, which are in reverse order.
    2. The intern gets paid $500 at the beginning of the one-year position and $500 at the end.
      1. When Jenn was doing the position, it paid $10 an hour for actual work. We switched to the $500 installments because the timesheet system was not working at IU, who was administering the money.
    3. Jerry: It’s less helpful when the Intern isn’t playing in the band and can’t help during rehearsal.
      1. This year’s intern had hoped to join us but always had classes on Monday night.
      2. Doug has previously suggested giving an Honorarium to the Librarian because it’s a lot of work. However, it’s tricky paying a current band member because of the organization’s volunteer status.
    4. Jerry: The BCB has used up the money originally donated for the position.
    5. Jerry will talk to Gary about whether the position was supposed to be in perpetuity.
  6. Sam Swyer is a high school student who needs approval to officially join the band.
    1. Unanimously accepted.
  7. Jerry would like to reconsider whether we should keep using July-June as our fiscal year.
    1. We will discuss this at the next meeting when Lloyd is available.
  8. Dominic is interested in doing a 40th anniversary concert.
    1. We don’t have anything in the fall.
    2. This could be the charity event.
    3. Location ideas
      1. Waldron Center is about $1000.
      2. Buskirk is about $2000.
      3. Cascades Park has a nice shelter that might still be doable in October.
      4. The high schools have been hard to partner with.
      5. Tim: There’s going to be another Bloomington bicentennial event on Oct. 8 (Columbus Day).
        1. The spring event drew several thousand people to the overall street fair.
        2. Tim will contact Leslie about whether it would be possible to participate and have a longer concert than we had in the spring.
      6. Bob and Doug will talk to Mayor Hamilton at the Memorial Day concert and see if they can get the support of the City for an event.
      7. We could play some of Newell Long’s music, which is in the library.
  1. Tim: The College Mall would like us to help with an instrument petting zoo for Memorial Day weekend.
    1. It’s too late of notice, so Tim will direct them to the symphony, which has done a similar event before.
  2. Tim: The Greenwood Band has so many people volunteering that they’re wondering if they could direct players to us.
    1. This is fine if players are truly willing to make the commute.
  3. Tim: McCormick’s Creek has moved from Sat., Sept. 15 to Sun., Sept 16.
    1. We might be able to play in front of the hotel if there’s no wedding.
    2. The shelter is still booked for a picnic.
  4. Jenn doesn’t have time to run both the Twitter and Facebook account. She’d like to shut down the former.
    1. Jenn will post a notice saying to please follow on Facebook instead.
  5. Doug: Thanks to Dominic for talking about band etiquette tonight. We still need to work on people talking when they’re not supposed to.
    1. Before the concert, Dominic will remind players about not switching music during applause. He will give then time to change music after he has switched his own.

Meeting adjourned 10:02 PM