November 20, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

Bloomington Community Band Board Meeting Minutes

Nov. 20, 2017

In Attendance: Jerry Jerome, Jenn Strayer, Julie Kraft, Lloyd Orr, Bill McGregor, Kyle Hetrick, Doug Davis, Bob Appelman, Gary Wiggins, Joseph Car, Phyllis Solzneff, Don Talbott, Richard Van Arsedel, Andrew Felt, Tim Bitzer, Ron Hardesty

Not in attendance: Don Westerhaus, Ryan Yahl

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM

DATE: November 20, 2017

  1. Past Minutes
    1. Jenn motioned to accept as written; Kyle seconded.
    2. Motion passed.
  2. Treasurers Report
    1. Kyle motioned to accept; Bill seconded.
    2. Motion passed.
  3. Jerry: Welcome to the future 2018 Board members (Richard, Andrew, and Tim), and thank you to Doug, Gary, Kyle, and Bill for their past service to the Board.
  4. Bob: Equipment Inventory
    1. 154 items on inventory
      1. Some items don’t have a value on them because they are old.
        1. Do we want to put replacement cost or half of new cost to estimate value?
        2. Ron recommended knowing the actual replacement cost for insurance.
      2. Doesn’t include tuba, bassoon, or Eb clarinet
        1. Doug recommended estimating the tuba at $800.
  5. Bob: Director Search
    1. Jerry spoke to Ryan, and they agreed that it would be ideal for the band to have a new director in place in February.
      1. The search committee can still work on search in February.
      2. Realistically, we’d need February/March to audition conductors.
    2. News Release
      1. Wording needs to change to “in lieu of auditions.”
      2. The estimate of 20 concerts has remained higher than we are actually seeking to do for 2018.
        1. Bob suggests keeping it high, just in case new ones get added.
        2. Could rephrase to “up to 20 concerts” or “15-20 concerts”
      3. Previously, each finalist auditioned, and the band voted on their favorite.
  6. Doug: Holiday Party (December 18, 7 PM, St. Thomas)
    1. Potluck (utensils provided)
    2. Awards program
    3. Monica Herzig has been hired to play piano.
      1. Paying her $100
    4. Would like to have some prizes (about $200) to encourage attendance
      1. Ideas
        1. Door prize
        2. Trivia
        3. Prize for neatest section’s folder
        4. Bingo
      2. Development budget has about $220 left before the pianist
      3. Previous party had only about 13 members, plus guests, so a cash incentive might encourage attendance.
      4. Could do a 50/50 drawing with people contributing donations to prize money
    5. Doug will ask the church if alcohol is allowed.
  1. Gary: Named brass and woodwind chairs
    1. Jerry sent out a request for nominees from section leaders.
  2. January board meeting
    1. Richard volunteered to host at his house
    2. Lloyd and Bob will be gone until roughly the third week
  3. Kyle will be checking with Don about whether the time is changing for the 2017 College Mall Christmas concert (this might’ve been for 2018).
  4. We’re still looking for a Development Officer.
    1. Could potentially make this part of the Publicity Officer’s job, but the by-laws would need to be changed.

Meeting adjourned 9:48 PM