2022 Bloomington Community Band

BCB 2023 Memorial Day Concert

Bloomington Community Band Memorial Day Concert, May 19, 2023, at Valhalla Memory gardens.

HHR at Bloomington United Presbyterian Church, February 21, 2023. (Click on image to watch video.)

2022 BCB Holiday Party Longevity in Membership Award Recipient Dick Hiatt and wife, Cathy

B’Town Clarinistas

The Original B'Town Clarinistas at the Bloomongton Winter Farmers Market, Dec 3, 2022.

BCB at McCormick’s Creek State Park

BCB at McCormick's Creek State Park, September 25, 2022, photo by Susan Davis

BCB at Greenwood, August 27, 2022 (Click on image for video)

BCB at Bloomington July 4th Parade

BCB performing before 2022 July 4th parade at Monroe County Courthouse.

HHR at B-Line Trail Block Party, June 4, 2022.

June 4, 2022

BCB Bands 2023 Concert Schedule

Date Day Time Place
May 10, 2023 Wednesday 3:00 PM HHR At Gentry Park Senior Living
May 27, 2023 Saturday 10:30 AM HHR At Woolery Market
May 29, 2023 Monday 9:30 AM BCB Valhalla Gardens Concert
June 14, 2023 Wednesday 7:00 PM BCB Meadowood Concert
June 16, 2023 Friday 6:00 PM HHR B-Line Trail Block Party
June 25, 2023 Sunday 6:00 PM CANCELLED-BCB Bloomington Free Methodist Church Concert
July 4, 2023 Tuesday 9:00 AM BCB July Fourth Courthouse Lawn Concert
July 30, 2023 Sunday 7:00 PM BCB Bloomington Public Library Concert
August 13, 2023 Sunday 6:00 PM BCB Joint Concert With Bedford Community Band
August 26, 2023 Saturday 5:00 PM Greenwood Band Festival
September 2, 2023 Saturday 10:00 AM BCB Fourth Street Arts Fair Concert
September 17, 2023 Sunday 6:00 PM BCB Switchyard Park Concert
October 27, 2023 Friday 7:00 PM BCB Halloween Concert
December 3, 2023 Sunday 3:00 PM BCB Bell Trace Concert
December 9, 2023 Saturday 1:00 PM BCB College Mall Concert

About Us

The Bloomington Community Band is a volunteer concert band located in Bloomington, Indiana.  We are  comprised of 50 to 60 musicians at any one time with ages ranging from 18 to 85. The band presents 15 to 20 concerts per year in and around Monroe County at civic events, public gatherings, retirement homes and state parks. In recent years, the BCB has also participated in community band festivals in Terre Haute and Greenwood. Since the BCB’s 1978 revival, hundreds of musicians have participated in the band’s weekly rehearsals and concert programs. Any adult who plays a band instrument may enter the BCB’s membership process without auditioning.   Please check the Join the Band link for more information on joining the band.