April 15, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting



April 15, 2019, called to order at 9:14 pm

In attendance: Tim Bitzer (Chair), Phyllis Solnzeff (Historian), Andrew Felt (Development Officer), Hannah Quinn Hughes (Treasurer), Richard VanArsdel (Librarian), Dominic Thompson (Director), Don Talbott (Webmaster), Jenn Strayer (Personnel Manager), Doug Davis (Equipment Manager), Don Westerhaus (Band Manager), Erika Stoner (Secretary) and Joe Car. Bill McGregor (Assistant Treasurer). The meeting took place at Free Methodist Church, in Bloomington, Indiana.

  1. Minutes
  • BCB will vote on position merger and term limits next week as a band.
  • Action items from the March 2019 Board meeting were reviewed.
  • The minutes from March 2019 were approved and accepted.


  1. Treasurer’s Reports (March and February)
  • Will Pay Brochure-Program printing invoice. FY 2019 budgeted $1400 for Brochure-Program printing costs in 2019. Normally the cost is only $700 per year. However, the FY 2018 Printing invoice was paid in FY2019 (late); therefor the FY19 Budget had to account for two printing cycles.
  • New format for Monthly Treasurer’s report was approved.
  • Moved all music filing cabinets from storage at Scientia to BFMC. Cost was $375 and will be listed under library budget for Fiscal year 2019. Kudos to Librarian and Equipment Manager for completing this herculean task!
  • Treasurer’s reports for Feb and Mar 19 were accepted as submitted.


  1. Records Management Committee update
  • Ongoing project to get all the records on the MS Cloud.
  • Webmaster will send out account access information to all Board members.
  • The goal is to put files on by the end of the fiscal year. Have to have at least the last three years for tax purposes.

ACTION:  Hannah and Doug will contact Jackie Hall, Lloyd Orr’s partner, to collect more files.


  1. Equipment Storage update
  • Storage of percussion equipment at the BFMC is an issue.
  • Would rather not put everything in the trailer after every rehearsal.
  • Chair will contact BFMC Pastor Rovenstine to open up a room closer to our rehearsal space.
  • Allyson’s drum set was damaged in the move. Costs to repair were approved by the Board. Allyson needs to provide estimate for final approval.
  • Discussed possibly budgeting to buy trap set for BCB. Set aside for future discussion.


ACTION:  Librarian may have a trap set at home – he will give us an update at next Board meeting.

ACTION:  Chair will discuss storage options with BFMC.


  1. St Thomas Lutheran Church Move
  • Thank-you letter sent and received. Thomas says we are all paid up.
  • Need to clean carpet in HH. Fee for carpet cleaning to be listed under “Rehearsal Space” line item in FY2019 budget.

ACTION:  Chair will schedule a professional carpet cleaning at St Thomas. Board authorizes up to $250 for budget.


New Business:

  1. New Library Intern needed.
  • Current Library intern (Sarah) has worked for previous two years. Original intent was to have only one-year terms.  Sarah extended last year when no other candidate was available.
  • Final payment through FY19 has been made. Term ends 30 June 2019.
    • The job description is up to date.
    • Board agreed to let the position lapse until we find a new candidate.
    • Expect new candidate to be approved once IU reconvenes in August.

ACTION:  Personnel Manager will discuss and initiate process to find a new candidate with Gary Wiggins, who originated the position.


  1. Change our Fiscal year to match our Calendar Year:
  • Matching FY to CY may make our budgeting process clearer.

ACTION:  Treasurers to research proposal and make recommendation(s) at next Board meeting.


  1. 2019 BCB Brochure -Program Status:
  • All advertisers have been contacted and 75% – 80% of payments have already been received. Final program changes being made and should be taken to printer this week.
  • Gross revenues should be $3200. Printing fees should be $700.


  1. Hire bus for West Baden Christmas Performance?
  • Personnel and Equipment Chartered Bus for possible trip to West Baden for Christmas concert performance?
  • Cost estimated at $1,100 for 55 people.
  • Would charge nominal fee for all members on bus ($10) and subsidize remaining cost.
  • Proposal tabled until we are certain whether BCB is scheduled to perform.


  1. Publicity/Development merger status:
  • Will vote as a band next meeting. Three-quarters of membership needed to amend our Constitution.


Individual Officer Reports:

  1. Personnel Report: NSTR (Nothing significant to report.)
  2. Historian Report:
  • List made of committee awards and participation plaques we’ve received.
  1. Equipment Manager Report:
  2. Librarian Report:
  • We have 1,500 charts in our music inventory.
  • Music is insured for $30,000 – $20 per chart. Deemed appropriate.

We have reduced the number of charts (19 boxes full) and are donating them to the lending library at the Arkansas Valley Wind and Percussion Ensemble in Lamar, Colorado. They are paying the shipping costs.

ACTION:  Librarian to mail donated music to Arkansas Valley Wind and Percussion Ensemble, Inc.:  2708 Memorial Dr. Lamar, CO 81052.


  1. Webmaster Report:
  • Moved BCB website to new, more secure https: site.
  • Need to re-establish BCB Twitter account.

ACTION:  Webmaster will contact Twitter and reestablish our account. Tweets to follow!


  1. Business Development/Publicity Report:
  • Need to take new BCB photo for website and program.

ACTION:  Chair will coordinate photographer for next rehearsal and distribute new photo(s) to Publicity Officer and Webmaster.


  1. Band Manager (Vice Chair) Report:
  • Redbud Retirement Community is scheduled for December.
  • College Mall won’t schedule musical groups for December until October or November.
  • New Coordinator for 4th Street Arts Festival. Will need to apply, send check for our recruitment booth.
  • Bell Trace for two concerts, one in June and one at Christmas.
  • Meadowood one concert, with a back up concert in case in rains.
  • Switchyard Park Amphitheater will not be ready until the end of 2020. BCB Christmas party is tentatively scheduled for 16 December. BFMC is unavailable the 16th. Need to find a venue for party.

ACTION: Band Manager to research possible venues for BCB Christmas party on 16 December 2019.


  1. Secretary’s Report:
  • Guest conductor, Janis Stockhouse requested.

ACTION:  Secretary will contact Janis Stockhouse to be our guest conductor for the June 16th and 17th concerts, including a rehearsal on June 10th.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:
  • Continuing to collect FY19 BCB dues from some members.
  1. Director and Assistant Director Reports:
  • Pace of learning music is getting faster, wanting to up the difficulty level.
  • Better manage transition between performances by practicing some music well in advance of performances.
  • Need to coordinate with Band Manager to cover dates Director is unavailable to perform with band during remainder of the season. Need to get guest conductors to cover those dates.

ACTION:  Director to deliver dates of unavailability to Band Manager and discuss alternative Directors.

  1. Chair’s Comments:
  • Originally wanted BCB to travel and perform in Europe within next three years. Based on a suggestion from Dr. Car, would now like to first perform at a location in the United States as a “test drive” within two years.
  • Will schedule travel representatives to make a presentation about going on a trip (international or domestically within the U.S.A.).


Meeting adjourned at 10:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted,