April 4, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

Bloomington Community Band Board Meeting Minutes

April 24 , 2017, 9:00 PM

Present: Jerry Jerome, Don Westerhaus, Julie Kraft, Bill McGregor, Doug Davis, Bob Appelman, Jenn Strayer, Gary Wiggins, Ryan Yahl, Phyllis Solzneff, Anita Elsey

Absent: Lloyd Orr, Kyle Hetrick, Joseph Car

  1. Minutes
    1. Jenn motioned to approve March minutes; Don W. seconded.
  2. Treasurers Report
    1. Doug motioned to approve March financial report; Bill seconded.
  3. Old Business
    1. Shirts
      1. Don W. has set up business website for the band at Lands’ End
        1. It will soon be available for the band, as soon as the site is set up with the correct colors.
        2. It will include the option of a black hat with silver logo.
        3. For this year, it’s also acceptable to have a plain black hat.
        4. Shipping/handling took about a week for the main shirt order.
      2. Programs/brochures
        1. Will put together brochure next week
        2. Expecting to make more than $3,000 from ads.
  4. New Business
  1. Percussion Equipment
    1. Bob has made a list (with estimated costs and pictures) of the equipment the band should have.
    2. $1,500 would cover necessary percussion equipment.
    3. We need about $500 worth of items immediately for current pieces we’re playing. (The property budget has about $400 remaining.) The remaining could wait until July 1.
    4. Bill moved to allow $500 worth of equipment purchases now; Jenn seconded.
  2.  Personnel
    1. Jenn has been creating a manual for new members. (Printing 100)
    2. She has been clearing out individual user accounts for people who are no longer members.
    3. She has fixed email addresses that have been bouncing back.
    4. The next step is to update the website roster.
  3. Library
    1. Jerry has purchased another filing cabinet for the Swing Time band that will be going in Ron’s building.
    2. Jenn’s library internship has been approved.
    3. She’s been labeling new clothespins.
    4. The spreadsheet of scores is updated.
    5. Kyle will continue having Monday-night conflicts.
    6. We are running out of space.
      1. One filing cabinet has a lot of older pieces that we need to decide whether to keep.
      2. We could cull multiple scores.
        1. Jenn and Kyle will study the list to see where there are duplicates.
        2. They will then talk to Ryan about one’s that could be removed.
      3. We have room for maybe only one more set of drawers. Don will keep an eye out for ones at the Re-Store.
    7. The files are in reverse alphabetical order, which requires reordering them and relabeling the drawers.
  4. Photo Shoot
    1. Jerry has been looking at using the church sanctuary to take a band photo that could go in the brochure.
    2. Next week won’t work for the photo because of a SIWE concert.
  5. Lighting Fund Raiser
    1. Jerry has approached Pastor Lyle about getting lighting for the rehearsal space (something originally intended during the last renovation)
    2. Lighting would cost about $10,000.
    3. Jerry will be meeting further about doing a benefit concert to help fundraise for lights.
  6.  Publicity
    1. Doug suggested getting Bloom to come out to do another article about BCB.

Adjourned at 9:40 PM