The Bloomington Community Band has been in existence with some interruptions since the 19th century, but the present Bloomington Community Band was started with a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission obtained by Gary Wiggins with Bloomington JayCees sponsorship in 1978. On this page are collected for easy access most of the pages and posts on the BCB web site that deal with the history of the organization.

Community Concert Bands In Bloomington (19th Century to the Present) video of presentation by Gary Wiggins (Monroe County History Center, 2011)
History of Town Bands in Bloomington, Indiana by Fred A. Seward (manuscript, 1940)
The Bloomington Town Band and Indiana University Band, 1818-1898: How Community Music Informed the Development of University Music. Doctoral Thesis by Polly Kristina Middleton (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2012)
The Sewards and Bloomington Bands by Penelope Mathiesen (published in Monroe County Historian, October 2008, no. 5, pp. 5-6)
Recent history of the Bloomington Community Band by Gary Wiggins (July 2010)
History of the Bloomington Community Band by Gary Wiggins (published in Monroe County Historan, August 2011, no. 4, pp. 4,7)
 Articles with information on the BCB and its predecessors (bibliography)
Timeline of the Bloomington Community Band and Its Predecessors
Officers of the Bloomington Community Band, 1978-
 Composite Roster, 1978-
 Picture and roster of the BCB at the Monroe County Courthouse in 1995
Other pictures of the BCB from 1978 onward
 BCB Five-Year Plan, 2012-2016
 BCB Five-Year Plan, 2008-2012
Proclamation of the BCB as Bloomington’s Official Community Concert Band
 Current Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies
Earlier Constitutions, Bylaws, and Policies
Sponsors and Donors, 2012
Sponsors and Donors, 2015
Named Chairs
Gary Wiggins Receives Distinguished Service Award
 Newell Long obituary
 BCB Newell Long Conductors Cup


BCB Conductors
1978-1995: Newell H. Long
1995-2012: Tim Moore
(Assistant Conductor, 1986-1995)
2003-present Joe Car
(Associate Conductor, 2003-present; Interim Conductor, 2012/13, 2015/16)
2012-2015: Ronald A. Sebben
2016-  Ryan Yahl
2016-  Dominic Thompson
Guest Conductors
2009: Stephen W. Pratt
2010: Gary R. Wishmeyer
2011: Craig Paré
2012: Eric Isaakson
2012: Charles Latshaw