1. Name and Purpose
  2. This organization shall be known as the Bloomington Community Band.
  3. Its purpose shall be:
  4. To contribute positively to the musical environment of the community it serves, whether local or otherwise.
  5. To provide an opportunity for individual musical expression and growth among the membership.
  6. To provide an opportunity for social contact among musicians.
  7. To reaffirm the community concert band position in American music.
  8. Membership
  9. Qualifications for membership:
  10. Any person who is interested in the purpose of the Bloomington Community Band may be considered for membership.
  11. Membership is divided into three categories:
  12. Active membership, which requires attendance at 80% or more of all activities of the Band.
  13. Seasonal membership, which requires contribution while in the area.New members will start out in this group and be re-evaluated after a sixty day period.
  14. Reserve membership, which is made up of musicians who fill in occasionally to cover absences.This group has no voting rights.
  15. Duties of members:

All members shall take part in the activities of the Band.

III. Board of Directors

  1. Executive authority:

The executive authority of the Band is vested in a Board of Directors whose duties shall include:

  1. Management of the general affairs of the Band, taking all action which is compatible with the best interests of the Band.
  2. Management of the financial affairs of the Band and establishment of an annual budget.
  3. Appointment and dismissal of the Conductor and Assistant Conductor.
  4. Replacement of members of the Board of Directors who are unable to complete their terms of office.
  5. Establishment of a schedule of rehearsals and concerts.
  6. Titles:

The Board of Directors shall consist of:

  1. The following elected members, who must be active members of the Band:
  2. Business Manager/Publicity Co-ordinator
  3. Secretary/Treasurer
  4. Librarian
  5. Property Manager
  6. Personnel Manager
  7. Historian
  8. The Conductor
  9. The Assistant Conductor
  10. Organization
  11. Each new Board shall elect a chairman, who shall be its presiding officer.
  12. Each member of theBoard shall have one vote.
  13. A quorum shall consist of the members attending, after reasonable notification of a meeting has been given.
  14. Election of Board Members:
  15. On or before the first rehearsal in April of each year, the Chairman of the Board shall appoint a three-member Nominating Committee (One, and only one, of whome shall be a Board member; all of whom shall be members of the Band) for the purpose of preparing a slate of candidates.Candidates in odd-numbered years will be:

Business Manager/Publicity Co-ordinator



Candidates in even-numbered years will be:


Personnel Manager

Property Manager

  1. The Nominating Committee shall present its report at the first rehearsal in May, listing one candidate for each of the positions listed in paragraph 1. above, as appropriate for the current year.
  2. It shall require a two-thirds majority vote of theactive Band members present and voting to sustain the recommendation of the Nominating Committee. Lacking the required vote, the Nominating Committee shall be instructed to prepare a revised slate for he following rehearsal.
  3. Each elected member of the Board will serve a two-year term, beginning immediately upon election to the office.
  4. Meetings

Meetings of the Board of Directors and meetings of the full Band membership may be called at the request of the Chairman of the Board, or of any Band member. Notice of these meetings must be given at least one week in advance.

  1. Effective Date

This Constitution and By-laws shall be come effective on adoption by a vote of three-fourths of the active Band members present and voting.

  1. Amendments
  2. This Constitution may be amended by a three-fourths vote ofactive members present and voting.
  3. Previous notice of a proposed amendment to the Constitution, along with a copy of the proposed amendment, must be presented at a duly constituted meeting of the Band membership at least 30 days or three full rehearsals prior to voting.


  1. Membership
  1. Attendance:

Attendance shall be taken by the Personnel Manager at every rehearsal and concert.

Members are expected to play all scheduled concerts, and to attend as many scheduled rehearsals as possible.

  1. Students who are members of the Bloomington Community Band are expected to give priority to their school band or orchestra in the event of a conflict of schedules.
  2. Members are expected to give notice, as far in advance as possible, if they will be unable to take part in a concert.
  3. Dismissal:
  4. Members may be dropped from the roster, by vote of the Board of Directors, for conduct not compatible with the Band’s best interests.
  5. A member may be dropped from the Band roster, by vote of the Board, if he or she takes the music home and does not return it by the next concert or rehearsal whichever occur first.Further, if the member fails to return the music, he or she will be billed for its replacement.
  6. A member will also be dropped from the roster if he or she moves from the area.
  7. Rehearsals:

Rehearsals will be held on Monday evening.

  1. Concert Dress:

Concert dress will be determined by the Board of Directors and adhered to by the entire membership.

  1. Membership dues:

The Board of Directors may establish membership dues annually.

  1. Fund raising:

Major fund raising projects involving extensive member participation shall be subject to approval by a majority vote of the membership.

  1. Concerts:

Concerts outside the Bloomington area shall require approval by a majority vote ofactive Band members present and voting.

  1. Board of Directors– Duties and responsibilities:
  2. Business Manager/Publicity Co-ordinator

The Business Manager shall handle all business that comes before the Band, making arrangements for concerts, trips, and purchases of equipment, and shall be responsible for the printing of handbooks, programs and brochures, advertising matter, and other appropriate material. The Publicity Co-ordinator shall promote and publicize all activities of the Band.

  1. Secretary/Treasurer

The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep records of all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the full membership, and other permanent records as may be appropriate. He/she will collect and disburse all funds approved by the Board, and will prepare appropriate financial reports.

  1. Personel Manager

The Personnel Manager shall keep a record of attendance at concerts and rehearsals, and maintain an up-to-date list of active members and their status as previously described, and distribute this list to Band members two times per year.

  1. Librarian

The Librarian will care for the music, index the available parts in an orderly manner, will distribute the music folders at all rehearsals and concerts, and will be responsible for the transportation of music to all concert sites.

  1. Property Manager

The Property Manager shall be responsible fo the bass drum, Director’s stand, and clothes pins, and make sure they are taken to rehearsals and concerts.

  1. Historian

The Historian’s responsibility is to collect concert programs and publicity pertaining to the Band, and keep this material in an orderly manner.

  1. Membership at large

It is expected that Band members will, both by volunteering and on request, assist members of the Board of Directors in carrying out their duties.