August 20, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting



AUGUST 20, 2018, called to order at 9:17 pm

In attendance: Jerry Jerome, Tim Bitzer, Doug Davis, Phyllis Solnzeff, Andrew Felt, Richard VanArsdel, Lloyd Orr, Joe Car, Ron Hardesty, Bob Appelman, Dominic Thompson, Don Talbott


  1. Minutes

 The minutes from the July 16 Board Meeting were approved as amended.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

The amount of money designated for purchase of band shirts was overspent, but much of it will be recouped when shirts are sold to members who wish to buy one.  We anticipate a limited supply to be kept as loaner shirts.

  1. Library Intern

Richard reported that a revised position description has been posted and we have one potentially very good candidate, who will be interviewed soon by him, Don Talbott, and Doug Davis.


  1. Uniforms/Shirts

Jerry suggested that in view of the discussion at the last Board meeting, that the current-serving Board should make the decision concerning the tucking in of band shirts.  He suggested it would not be fair to the new Board since this Board had made the decision to untuck.  It will be an agenda item later in the year.  Members will be invited to participate in the discussion.


New Business

  1. Audit Committee

 A committee of Lloyd, Jerry, and Tim was appointed to select someone to do a financial audit of the BCB books.  Having had a procedural audit in the past, we have not had a tfinancial audit since 2008.  The cost of the audit will be significantly more than we paid for the procedural audit.


  1. Scheduling

Tim has been talking with the manager of the Buskirk-Chumley Theater about a Halloween concert.  We have potentially arrived at a concert date of October 26.  A final meeting tomorrow with Tim and Jerry will be held.  Proceeds from the concert will go to the Krimson Leadership Academy, a group suggested by the Bus-Chum management.


On October 30th, the City of Bloomington will have another 200th anniversary celebration.  Details are sketchy, but we hope to participate and have contacted the city.



  1. Halloween….

See item 2 above.


  1. Ride Sharing

Tim will tell members to meet at St. Thomas Saturday morning if they want to share a ride to our concert in Greenwood.


  1. Plastic Covers

Tim suggested we consider buying plastic covers for concerts to prevent wind from blowing music off the stands.  After discussion, it was decided to let members decide how they want to proceed.  The primary reasons against purchase was the additional weight and the space they would need on the trailer.


“Around the Room” Comments


 Jerry commented that we need to select a nominating committee soon.


Dominick suggested a possible band get together at Bub’s Hamburgers Labor Day evening.


Phyllis commented that folks are not using OATS.  There was some discussion of discontinuing it in favor of members notifying their section leader, who will then notify Phyllis so she could set up the appropriate number of chairs for rehearsals and concerts.


Andrew requested help getting signatures for the 4th St. Arts Fair booth.


Bob said the trailer will need some inside repairs after the last concert.  He will ask for help if needed.


Lloyd commented that members are still changing music before audience has ceased applause.  Others made similar comments regarding band etiquette.  Doug volunteered to develop a guideline.


Tim requested ideas for our probable Halloween concert.  We may borrow appropriate music from the Greenwood Community Band.


Doug commented that he is going to try to get a number of (free) tickets to the Marine Band concert in Carmel at the Palladium on Saturday, Oct. 27th.


Meeting adjourned at 9:55 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Doug Davis, Secretary





Additional New Business

  1. Combining Publicity and Development Officer Board positions

At the suggestion of previous Development Officer Doug Davis, and with the concurrence of Board Chair Jerry Jerome, this issue should be explored.  Lloyd, Doug, and Andrew will meet to have recommendations for the next Board meeting.  However, no change is suggested until the next election cycle when both positions will be chosen.


  1. Andrew advised that he will be developing a Face book group to accompany our Face book page.


  1. Social gathering (last Monday of the month rehearsals)

Phyllis suggested we make it clear that the section sponsoring the gathering be sure to take home the trash instead of relying on St. Thomas staff to clean up after us.  This will be announced in rehearsal.


Meeting adjourned at 10:18 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Davis, Secretary