August 21, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

Bloomington Community Band Board Meeting Minutes

Aug. 21, 2017

Present: Jerry Jerome, Don Westerhaus, Julie Kraft, Doug Davis, Jenn Strayer, Gary Wiggins, Lloyd Orr, Don Talbott, Bob Appelman, Bill McGregor, Kyle Hetrick, Phyllis Solnzeff, Anita Elsey, Ron Hardesty, and Ryan Yahl

Absent: Joseph Car

Meeting convened at 9:08 PM, August 21, 2017, St. Thomas

  1. June Minutes
    1. Bill motioned to accept; Don W. seconded.
    2. Minutes accepted unanimously.
  2. June/July Treasurer’s Report
    1. Doug motioned to accept; Bill seconded.
    2. Minutes accepted unanimously.
  3. Received $500 check from Indiana Wind Ensemble
    1. Jerry suggests that we use up to $500 to cover any deficit for St. Thomas’s lighting expenses.
    2. Jerry will ask how the church’s fundraising is going to see how much they would need.
  4. Changing Bank Account from German American to IU Credit Union
    1. We are switching banks because German American has been unwilling to support the BCB by placing an ad in our brochure. IU Credit Union has been advertising with us.
    2. Jerry and Lloyd will officially switch us to IU Credit Union.
  5. Dress Code
    1. Shirts
      1. Don W. drafted new wording for the by-laws accounting for the new band polo shirts.
    2. Shorts
      1. Julie suggested revising the shorts wording as well.
        1. Bermuda/knee-length wording has been inconsistent and confusing.
        2. Some members (especially tall, young, and/or very thin) have had a hard time finding affordable long shorts that fit or flatter them.
      2. Don W. has found a pair of long “business casual” on the Land’s End site for under $30.
        1. He will link these shorts to the potential uniform items for purchase.
        2. Whatever length we go with, Don also pointed that the Board should avoid seeming to “police” length with value judgments.
        3. Jerry and Julie discussed switching to shorts that are a minimum of fingertip-length. This length is easier to find and is the minimum length for dress codes at MCCSC and most other schools.
        4. The by-laws should also probably account for capris/crop pants.
        5. Since these changes all address women’s clothing, Ryan suggested that female band members draft the changes with the appropriate language that will make sense to the wearers.
          1. Julie will draft these changes.
      3.  Headwear
        1. Julie pointed out that the by-laws don’t currently make exceptions for religious headwear.
        2. A previous long-time member wore a kippah (yarmulke), and Bloomington is a diverse community with individuals that wear other religious headgear too.
  • Julie will draft this change too.
  1. OATS
    1. Problem
      1. Too few people are using OATS, especially for rehearsals.
      2. Section leaders often get personal messages instead of members sending OATS message.
      3. We need attendance information, even for rehearsals, because it affects how many chairs go out, what we rehearse, etc.
    2.  Solutions
      1. Jenn has made a new guide with screenshots that will guide people with how to use OATS.
      2. Jerry recommends that section leaders take more responsibility in guiding the members to use OATS.
  2. Section Leaders Meetings
    1. Jerry suggested having more regular meetings to give leaders more sense of responsibility overall.
  3. Nominating Committee
    1. Jenn will be the Board member of the committee.
    2. She and Jerry will work together to find two non-Board members to also participate.
  4.  Publicity
    1. Bill and Jenn are working on a recruitment brochure adapted from the New Member brochure.
    2. Jerry and Doug will be doing a recruitment table at the Ivy Tech Involvement Fair.
    3. Arts Festival table
      1. Bill is trying to get a convenient location on Grant St. that will be with the BSO.
      2. Doug suggested having instruments out as conversation starters.
        1. Julie said that the BSO once did a different event where they sponsored an “instrument petting zoo.” People could then try out the actual instruments, which might draw more attention.
          1. Julie might have an old flute to lend.
          2. Doug might have an old tuba.
  5. Since this is Ryan’s last year, he wants to know if the Board wants him to start the 2018 season.
    1. Drawbacks: Ryan wouldn’t be available once the concert seasons starts; a new director might not like the music Ryan has selected; etc.
    2. Jerry wants to start the recruitment process immediately in January.
    3. Recruitment pool
      1. There are not currently any other doctoral students in the IU program.
      2. There might be some Music Ed faculty that would be interested.
      3. Many potential candidates have young families or other commitments and can’t do such a packed concert/rehearsal schedule.
    4. Ways to relax schedule for directors (and musicians)
      1. No more than 3 concerts per month.
      2. Maybe start rehearsing later in year to give people a break and not get bored of music.
      3. Move May’s nursing home concerts to earlier “practice” concerts or do just one.
      4. Tivoli might need to be cut since we don’t really fit on the stage.
      5. Scaling down the schedule would be hugely helpful for retention for people with young families.
        1. Julie is the only member with a young child right now.
        2. The flutes especially have lost musicians over the years because of the packed schedule.
    5. Don will send the Board a list of current concerts. All Board members should look for concerts that could be cut or somehow adjusted.

Adjourned 9:54 PM