February 20, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

Bloomington Community Band Board Meeting Minutes

Feb. 20, 2017


Jerry Jerome called the meeting to order at 9:13 pm.


In attendance: Lloyd Orr, Gary Wiggins, Don Talbott, Charles Davis, Joe Car, Jenn Strayer, Anita Elsey, Bill McGregor, Phyllis Solnzeff, Ryan Yahl, Doug Davis, Jerre Jerome, Don Westerhaus

Not Attending: Julie Kraft


  1. Minutes were discussed. Motion to approve was made by Lloyd Orr, Jenn Strayer seconded the motion. All voted in favor of approval.


  1. 2016-17 Budget report for November and December were reviewed. Lloyd Orr reported one additional revenue item of $50 concert donation from Redbud Hills was received. Motion to approve was made by Bill McGregor. Gary Wiggins seconded the motion. All voted in favor of approval.


  1. Financial Guidelines. Lloyd Orr reported on the process audit that was conducted during 2016. Lloyd developed and presented a condensed summary of the auditor’s report that will go into treasurer’s job guidelines. The group agreed that it unnecessary to use the auditor’s recommendation of having two people witness money receipts except for when dues are collected. Lloyd will provide a copy of his proposal document to be attached to these minutes. Doug Davis moved to accept Lloyd’s recommendations, and Bill McGregor seconded. All voted in favor.


  1. Library intern – Gary Wiggins reported on status of the library intern program that has been managed by the IU Jacobs School library. Jenn Strayer will take over from Chelsea Hoover. Gary reported that the situation is currently in flux until librarians sort out the details. Jenn will work with the Jacobs Library and report back. School will handle paperwork.


  1. New Band Shirts. Don Westerhaus reported on status of ordering new band shirts. Shirt sizes have been collected from currently paid up and participating band member for the last two weeks. We currently have information for about 54 of our 65 currently registered members. The goal is to have an order completed by mid-March.


  1. Don Westerhaus reported on the 2017 concert schedule. The schedule is mostly complete, pending responses from four venues. BCB is scheduled to play at band festivals in Terre Haute and Greenwood, and expects to add a Christmas concert back into the schedule at The College Mall.


  1. Doug Davis reported on selling ads in the BCB 2017 “Program Book.” He has asked those who sold ads last year to again contact their advertisers, but asked other Board members to step up and help. He will send an invoice form with ad prices to all, along with the list of advertisers to be contacted. Among changes, Bill McGregor agreed to make contact with advertising management at the new IU Health – Premier Health organization. Comments were also made to encourage band members and affiliate groups to seek ads from their companies and colleagues. (Affiliated groups, such as the German band, do not pay for ads; they get “comp” ads.


  1. After looking at the inventory budget, Jerry Jerome commented that we need an update, complete list of everything the band owns. The inventory should include any equipment band members may at home – Doug Davis has a tuba at home; there is a new bassoon (donated by Chuck Davis), and Chuck has e-flat clarinet at home. We should discard broken equipment. These are 2017 goal.


  1. Doug Davis proposed to have BCB sponsor a day of broadcast on WFIU – “sponsored by.” A $2,000 donation buys an announcement for at least once a day usually 9:00 a.m. Chuck Davis will look into it. Lloyd suggests that Chuck check on ad possibilities for our major concert dates.


  1. Meeting was adjourned at about 10:15 p.m. Lloyd Orr made the motion, seconded by Doug Davis. All agreed.