January 11, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

Bloomington Community Band January 2016 Planning Meeting

January 11, 2016

In attendance: Guy Hardy, Charles, Jerry Jerome, Gary Wiggins, Don Westerhaus, Phyllis Solnzeff (visitor), Bill McGregor, Anita Eisley (visitor), Bob Appelman, Jenn Strayer, Emily Miller, Don Talbott, Chelsea Hoover, Joe Car, Doug Davis, Christy Townsend.

Not in attendance: Lloyd Orr, Phil DiLavore

Meeting called to order 7:10pm


Motion to accept minutes as amended by Bill, seconded by Don.  Motion passes.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion to accept the November treasurer’s report Doug, seconded by Bill.  Motion passes.

Motion to accept the December treasurer’s report Bill, seconded by Bob.  Motion passes.

President’s Report

We got a great mention in the volunteer network section of the newspaper.  Unfortunately, the info was really old.  This is a very underutilized venue for us that’s worth looking in to.

Conductor Search (Bob)

5 good candidates, including 3 graduate students in conductors.  Bob has been out of town for a little while.  We have a couple of people who haven’t really gotten back to us.  It probably would not behoove us to test any of them until February.  As soon as we’ve got a solidified applicant pool, the committee will start the interview and selection process.  Joe is going to try to get the BSO rubric so that we can modify and use it.

Schedule (Don)

We don’t have Greenwood or the Bloomington Farmers’ Market dates yet, but many of our other concerts are set.  The Ellettsville Farmer’s Market concert is for sure out.  The Third Street Park Concert was really successful for us.  The board has decided that we will be dropping Orleans as well.  Everyone else Don and Jerry will be contacting to finalize for us.  It would also be a good idea to move the June Redbud concert so that we have another rehearsal in that stretch.

Music Selection

Themed concerts.  Christy thinks it would be a good idea to play two themed concerts: a Halloween concert and a Children’s concert.  It might make sense to have the children’s concert at Third Street and the Halloween concert at Tivoli.


We should get started on the brochure right away.

It might be interesting to explore advertising on our website.  It would be nice to post the sponsorship ads on our website.

We probably don’t necessarily need MORE fundraising options, but we should put more effort into the fundraising we already do.

Section Leaders

The bylaws have the director choosing the section leaders prior to the first rehearsal.  Joe will work on finding out if the current section leaders are interested in reprising their role.  Section leader meetings will start on February 8th.

Percussion Section

We are still in the hunt for more percussion players.  We should probably think about how we approach retention and new member introduction.  New person committee: Phil, Bill, Doug, Don, Christy.


We should start to spread the responsibility of the equipment management to more members.  When Bob isn’t available, we don’t have a backup to pull our trailer.  We should have Bob turn in his receipts for gas for Terre Haute etc.  Bob also looked into a staging group, but that’s very likely outside of our price range.  Doug is interested in possibly offering a small amount of compensation to help load and unload.  The other positive would be that the road crew would always know where the equipment goes and how it goes.  Another idea would be to have people volunteer for a series of 6 concerts.  Bob and Don Westerhaus are going to coordinate trailer time and volunteers.  It might be a good idea to have the section leaders more involved in getting their section to load and unload when assigned.

We have an inventory of everything that we load into the trailer.  As for other equipment, Bob doesn’t know what we have inventoried or not.


Yearly duties that must be completed and what board position should be responsible for each.

Board Member Responsibilities and Job Descriptions

Jerry and co are working on getting these updated.


New Business

Getting email lists updated.  The section leaders can help with this.

The brass warm up went really well.  Doug, Jenn, Chelsea, and Kyle will be at the library tomorrow morning if anyone wants to help.  Send music ideas to Joe.

Thank you Doug for hosting us!!

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm