January 16, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

Bloomington Community Band Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2017

Don Westerhaus’s home


In Attendance: Jerry Jerome, Don Westerhaus, Julie Kraft, Lloyd Orr, Bill McGregor, Kyle Hetrick, Doug Davis, Bob Appelman, Gary Wiggins, Ryan Yahl, Joseph Carr, Phyllis Solzneff, Anita Elsey, Don Talbott


Not in attendance: Jenn Strayer


Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM


  1. November 2016 minutes
    1. Gary motioned to accept minutes as presented; Bob seconded
    2. Motion passed.
  2. Treasurer’s Remarks
    1. Motion to accept reports: Kyle moved, Don seconded
    2. New final column designed to identify how much each area is over/under in the budget
    3. Lloyd updated Vanguard’s 2nd quarter fiscal 2017 line to $15690.75.
    4. Motion passed to accept report.
  • Old Business
    1. Final audit report
      1. Lloyd provided his summary of the auditor’s recommended procedures for internal financial controls:
        1. A board or band member charged with Reconciliation (ideally someone who eventually wishes to become Treasurer) should receive and reconcile financial documents monthly.
        2. There should be more documentation of cash.
          1. The Publicity Coordinator and another member should count the fish bowl and submit it to the Treasurer with a signed voucher.
          2. When band members are submitting funds, both the Treasurer and Reconciliation assistant should be present and provide receipts. (This may be difficult in practice.)
        3. Invoices for paid bills should be marked paid with a date and check number.
        4. After 60 days, the Treasurer should investigate any outstanding checks or bills.
        5. Checks and cash should be kept in a secure location.
      2. Lloyd recommends that the Financial Committee also reviews the audit recommendations.
  • Having more people aware of finances and financial procedures will provide Treasurer backup if Lloyd is unavailable.
  1. The Financial Committee will meet to review report and revise financial controls.
  1. Financial records/storage
    1. Our current Dropbox is associated with Guy Hardy, but it would be nice to have a storage system not connected to a specific member.
    2. Sharing also takes up others’ space on Dropbox.
  • Jerry has explored the Business Dropbox ($800/year)
  1. Uniforms
    1. Blue Land’s End shirt with silver thread, black bottoms and shoes
    2. Don and Julie will present during first rehearsal to model and answer questions.
  • Don will send out the email notifying the band about the special presentation at the first rehearsal.
  1. Don T. will give Don W. a list of members and email addresses for keeping track of who needs shirts.
  1. Concert schedule
    1. We are going to Greenwood again.
    2. Memorial Day Weekend
      1. Don’s survey said most people can do both the Sunday/Monday concerts over Memorial Day weekend.
      2. Note that a Sunday-night concert at Third Street Park might need more publicity than usual.
  • September’s Farmer’s Market is during an IU home-game weekend and might need to be moved up.
  1. June
    1. Note that there are four concerts in the course of two weeks with no rehearsals during that period.
    2. Ryan guesses that we will have had enough rehearsal to get us through so many concerts.
  2. Side-by-side concerts
    1. Scott had expressed interest for Martinsville’s middle school.
    2. Doug will come up with proposal for moving forward with a possible event.
    3. High school joint concerts could also help to recruit students.
  3. Other recruitment
    1. More generally, we should find more ways to attract high schoolers who would be willing to come regularly in the summer or to join after graduation.
    2. Could have letter for graduating high schoolers or even Marching 100 about joining group.
    3. Doug, Jenn, and Bill will talk to high school directors about selectively inviting students.
  4. New Business
    1. Named Chairs
      1. Keeping last year’s
    2. Director’s Evaluation (Jerry met with directors)
      1. Joe was integral in keeping band running when it was without a director.
      2. Ryan has continued to raise the level of the group.
  • Section leaders should have more regular meetings to increase their leadership and knowledge of what they should be doing.
  1. Meeting Schedule
    1. Should the board move back to meeting monthly rather than quarterly?
      1. Lloyd moved to open for discussion; Doug seconded
      2. Because the board had to schedule numerous extra meetings between last year’s quarterly meetings, it makes sense to just have regular monthly meetings.
      3. Monthly meetings should remain efficient and less than an hour.
    2. Motion to hold Board meetings on 3rd Monday of every month passed
  2. Payment to St. Thomas
    1. Because BCB and affiliate bands use the space two nights a week (Mondays for full band and Wednesdays for Swing Time, Dixieland, etc.), St. Thomas might merit a greater donation.
    2. Small group affiliates bring in income that could help cover additional donation.
  • Planning for the next fiscal year should account for a greater donation in January 2018.
  1. Board Members Reports
    1. Don
      1. Keeping Excel records of contacts, schedules, timetable of essential actions
      2. Keeping Word document copies of emails
    2. Julie
      1. Lloyd confirmed that there’s a budget set aside for cards, stationery, stamps, etc.
      2. We might want to create some new stationery and letterhead with the logo.
      3. Jerry will give Julie access to Dropbox.
  • Kyle
    1. Has a Monday night class but will continue to ask section leaders to email requests.
    2. The band needs a new intern because Chelsea has graduated.
  1. Lloyd
    1. Covered in above financial report
  2. Bill
    1. Tri-fold needs to be updated.
    2. Once Bill gets the concert schedule, he would like to create publicity plan for whole year.
    3. He and Jenn are drafting new member brochure
  3. Doug
    1. The American Legion is not doing any more breakfasts.
    2. Ad sales in the brochure are bringing in considerable revenue.
    3. He is not planning to solicit donations via letters. (The band will continue to solicit donations on the website and in the brochure.)
    4. Small groups will also bring in some funds.
  • Bob
    1. He and percussionists will create a more up-to-date inventory of equipment.
    2. Items also need a list of “homes” (both in church and trailer).
    3. The inventory process can also be a time to decide if some items are unneeded.
    4. Band mostly has the equipment it needs.
  • Gary
    1. He needs to figure out where all the historical documents are.
    2. He wishes to continue working with Jenn about archiving.
  1. Committees for the year
    1. Social media
      1. Jenn has previously volunteered to spearhead this.
    2. Events
      1. We need official planners for picnic, Christmas party, etc. if they are going to happen.
      2. Doug will plan the Christmas party.
  • New members
    1. Personnel Director (Jenn) should lead this committee.
    2. New member committee has some ideas to share with Jenn
    3. The band has gotten multiple inquiries via the website’s messages to manager.
  1. Other business
    1. Strategic plan
      1. BCB developed its previous one when it was more focused on getting grants.
      2. The effort to redevelop a plan seems to outweigh the benefits.
    2. Board members should plan to find coverage for responsibilities when gone.
  • The band should have more ways to get to know members via the website, introductions during rehearsals, etc.

Adjourned 8:45