June 19, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

BCB Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2017, Bell Trace

Present: Jerry Jerome, Don Westerhaus, Julie Kraft, Bill McGregor, Doug Davis, Jenn Strayer, Gary Wiggins, Lloyd Orr, Bob Appelman, Kyle Hetrick, and Ryan Yahl

Absent: Joseph Car

Meeting called to order at 8:20

  1. April Minutes
    1. Bob proposed to discuss minutes; Don seconded.
    2. Doug asked to clarify that Jerry would contact Bloom magazine for a new article about the band.
    3. Minutes accepted.
  2. Treasurer’s reports for April and May (see separate files)
    1. Bill moved to accept minutes; Jenn seconded.
    2. Minutes accepted.
  3. Library intern
    1. Jenn moved to approve Sarah Mason 2018 Ralph Papakhian Library Intern; Gary seconded.
    2. Intern accepted.
  4. 2017-2018 Operating Budget
    1. Jenn moved to accept the budget as proposed; Bill seconded.
    2. Budget passed.
  5. 4th Street Festival
    1. Bill suggested asking for a better location, near the BSO, for the band booth, especially because the band provides free music for the event.
  6. Extra music stands
    1. Doug wondered if we should we sell extra ones.
    2. Attendees generally agreed that we should keep them to replace old ones as they deteriorate. Ones getting loose or otherwise becoming damaged should be set aside.
  7. Uniform
    1. Jerry: We need a section leaders’ meeting to remind section leaders to remind members about long pants for indoor concerts and other uniform concerns. Ryan will schedule this soon.
    2. Doug: Recommend that someone is in charge of designating a place to put cases and bags.
      1. Don will add the location to emails.
    3. Survey for out-of-own concerts
      1. Don is sending a Survey Monkey email about whether people will attend and need rides.
      2. Especially important that people come to Carmel because we’ve cancelled before.
      3. Julie pointed out that there’s been some confusion about whether the Carmel concert is back-to-back with another event that day.
        1. Note: The double-header is now going to be for the Farmer’s Market and McCormick’s Creek.
        2. Don will adjust the survey to mention that we’re no longer doing two concerts that day.
      4. Ryan: Thanks for a great concert.
      5. Doug moved to adjourn at 8:45; Jenn seconded.