March 16, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

Bloomington Community Band March Minutes

March 16, 2015

In attendance: Jerry Jerome, Bill McGregor, Christy Townsend, Anita Elsey(visitor), Guy Hardy, Doug Davis, Phyllis Solnzeff (visitor),  Joe Car, Phil DiLavore, Gary Wiggins, Chelsea Hoover, Don Westerhaus, Don Talbott

Not in attendance: Ron Sebben, Bob Appelman, Joe Car, Lloyd Orr


Meeting called to order 9:16pm

Minutes.  Bill motions to approve the minutes, Phil seconds.  Minutes approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report

Christy moved to approve the report.  Phil seconded. Motion passes.

Section Leaders’ Responsibilities

Doug moves to accept the amended Section Leaders’ Responsibilities.  Guy seconds.  Motion passes.

Website Committee

The website has been launched.  There are several members who have the ability to go in and change minor issues and typos.  The password for the attendance system is “bandaid” unless a member changes his or her individual password.  Doug would like to have one more website meeting to discuss any minor changes that need to be made.

We contracted with Jenny Walters for up to $250 to make minor changes, and we’ve spent about $143 of that.  Jerry has that invoice for Lloyd.

Percussion Section

We are very light on percussionists.  Guy suggests that we advertise on Facebook and Twitter that we are looking for percussionists.  This should be updated at least twice a week.  Doug also suggests that we put an ad in the paper, and the BEAD newsletter, as well as Cats (?) TV.  We could also do a couple of radio ads on public radio.  Jeff Bransford might also be a possibility.  Guy will work on accessing the Twitter account.

Show Tent

Bill would like us to purchase a 10’ square tent for promo stuff including the 4th street Arts Fair.  The price will be about $300-400.  Guy suggests that we need to think about how this is a once-a-year investment.  Jerry believes this investment is worth it.  We could put it up over the top of the staffed table at several other events.  Bill will show up at the April meeting with some specifics.

File Records Storage

We need to figure out how to store our files.  We have a huge amount of information we need to have stored.  Christy would be willing to scan in our paper files.  It appears that in the short term that we could create a Dropbox account for the BCB.  However, if we’re uploading videos etc., Dropbox would be cost prohibitive once we run out of storage.  There should also be some google Docs that need to be moved over.

There might also be an email address issue with the old website.  Don Talbott and Jerry are going to try to chase down what’s going on with that.

Recording Equipment

Doug would like us to look into recording some of our rehearsals.  He would like us to purchase some recording equipment to do so.  Guy has a Zoom recorder that Doug would like us to use next week.

New Business

2015 Concert Season Brochure

We need to have a deadline for the brochure.  Guy has the information on who has bought ad space.  We need a couple of mad men to go sell ads.  The prices are currently on the website.  Guy believes that we should be sparing no expense for a very professional-looking brochure.  The problem with this thinking is that we would need the ad revenue to pay for the design of the brochure.

It would be helpful to have an idea of how many people we play for per concert to use that as an ad seller.

Our printer’s name is Baugh Enterprises.  Christy will work on a design.

We will have a brochure committee formed to help work on the brochure.  Don W, Guy, Christy, and Bill will be on the committee.


We have added the 3rd Street Park concert, as well as a Farmer’s Market on the 22nd of August.  We are confirmed from several others, including Terre Haute, the 4th of July Parade, and several others.  We will have a concert on Nov 1 in Spencer.  We may also do a joint concert with the Brown County Community band.  One of the questions we have is whether we have too many concerts out of the area.  Hopefully the new section leaders’ instructions will be able to give us a better idea of how many people will be missing each performance.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15pm