March 18, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting



March 18, 2019, called to order at 9:14 pm

In attendance: Tim Bitzer (Chair), Phyllis Solnzeff (Historian), Andrew Felt (Development Officer), Hannah Quinn Hughes (Treasurer), Richard VanArsdel (Librarian), Dominic Thompson (Director), Don Talbott (Webmaster), Jenn Strayer (Personnel Manager), Doug Davis (Equipment Manager), Don Westerhaus (Band Manager), Erika Stoner (Secretary) and Joe Car.  The meeting took place at St. Lutheran Church, in Bloomington, Indiana.

ABSENT:  Jerry Jerome (Band Manager), Bill McGregor (Assistant Treasurer).


  1.   The minutes from February 2019 were approved and accepted.


Actions items were reviewed:

  • Working on putting files on the cloud (ongoing)
  • Band manager will ask if we can perform at the Switchyard Park
  • Insurance bill – ready to be paid
  • Working on assessing value of music (ongoing)
  • Fixing our Website Donations system


  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • New format for Monthly Treasurer’s report is approved
  • Request monthly report breaks out affiliate band income separately
  • Need to evaluate transferring excess balance from checking account to an investment
  • Will decide amount and investment by end of Fiscal year (30 June 19)


Treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted.

Old Business

  1. Records Management Committee update
  • Webmaster has created BCB storage site on MS Cloud
  • Access instructions given to Board members
  • Board members to begin uploading appropriate documents to MS Cloud.


  1. Equipment Storage update
  • Almost all-surplus equipment sold or donated (everything but 2 percussion stands and amp/speakers. Going to sell or donate.)
  • No longer have storage unit




  1. New Home for BCB:
  • Mark’s declined
  • Faith Lutheran meets 3/19/2019 to decide
  • Free Methodist will be explored 3/19/2019
  • New Prospect Baptist, acoustics may not be great
  • New City Church (A little guarded of us maybe, may be busy on Monday nights)
  • Clear Creek Church – Andrew will investigate
  • First Presbyterian Church on 6th street, adequate, possible storage issue
  • Brief discussion of us purchasing a building. Not financially feasible.


ACTION:  Search is ongoing.  Andrew will report back on Clear Creek.  Chair to report on BFMC.


  1. Merger of Development and Publicity
  • Constitution and bylaws must be amended, receive 3/4 member majority vote.


ACTION:  Chair (Tim) will look into what it takes, will write amendment, and submit for approval     next month.


  1. Advertising Sales and Brochure status:
  • Several checks received (Need to deposit)
  • Need to encourage others besides board members to sell ads, (Maybe send spreadsheet to whole band? Also maybe ask if anyone in the band has the skill set for cold calling businesses?)
  • Deadline: Aim for April 1, latest by April 16
  • Need to better distribution of programs at performances this year


ACTION:  Chair will talk to band for help.

ACTION:  Publicity Officer (Andrew Felt) will bring brochures to distribute next week at rehearsal.


New Business:

  1. New Band Manager
  • Don Westerhaus will be our new Vice Chair and Band Manager, replacing Jerry Jerome
  • Approved by the Board
  1. New Assistant Treasurer
  • Bill McGregor will be our new Assistant Treasurer, replacing Ron Hardesty
  • Approved by the Board


  1. Term Limits
  • Leadership and recruiting has been a challenge
  • Two consecutive terms, but would have to drop off the board for 1 year, and then may come back.
  • Person can still serve on committees during that year, and is eligible to attend meetings
  • Unanimous approval across the Board


ACTION: Chair will have exact wording for Term Limits for next meeting


  1. BCB Music Library Storage:
  • Need 24/7 access. Current location (Scientia) prohibits this.
  • Reduction process is ongoing
  • Email sent out asking for storage help
  • Working on reducing 20% of music library
  • Possible small space for storage of music, possibly rent a space?
  • Looking for options for storage in possible church or home


ACTION:  Publicity Officer (Andrew Felt) has possibilities; he will report back next month.

Individual Officer Reports:


  1. Personnel Report:
  • Working on roster to go on website (Just names, by section)
  • Getting bios out (Add a picture?)
  • Begin with Directors, then Board, Section Leaders, individual members
  • Some members still owe dues


ACTION: Treasurer will Email those members still owing dues


  1. Historian Report:
  • Historian purchased 4th tote/tub for Band History (More received from Lloyd’s house.)
  • Will catalog all plaques and awards we currently own


  1. Equipment Manager Report:
  • NSTR


  1. Librarian Report:
  • Purchased a copier
  • Possible idea of a mobile copier, but general feeling was against it.


  1. Webmaster Report:
  • Will put Amazon Smile information on website, band schedule
  • Will add PayPal once the non-profit verification goes through
  • Kroger initiative also talked about, linking Kroger cards to the Band


  1. Business Development/Publicity Report:
  • When schedule is set need information trying to get ahead of community calendars
  • Connecting with Bloomington Lowdown podcast


ACTION:  Publicity Officer will put schedule on community calendar website.


  1. Scheduling Report:
  • Possible concert at French Lick, West Baden Dome
  • If we get booked for Christmas concert, explore using a bus to transport member of band, (Possible bus options: GoExpress buses.)
  • Members could possibly contribute
  • Unpaid performance
  • Some conflicts in what’s set up now, will table until next meeting


ACTION:  Equipment Manager (Doug Davis) will contact bus companies for costs of buses.


  1. Secretary’s Report:
  • Contacted Janis Stockhouse for recruitment, have not heard back from Janis


ACTION:  Secretary will follow up on Janis Stockhouse for recruitment possibilities.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:
  • Moved that Chair and Treasurer be on the account for the Vanguard account (Financial accounts for the band.)
  • Board approved unanaminously
  • Exploring VIMO
  • Sectionals will be rehearsing next week
  • Discussed paying Library Intern. She is currently paid by BCB, not IU.


ACTION:  Treasurer will send Secretary information regarding “Thank You” notes for donations made in Lloyd Orr’s name.  Secretary will follow up sending “Thank you” letters to donors.

ACTION:  Chair will forward donation letter examples to Secretary.


  1. Director and Assistant Director Report:
  • By next rehearsal, selections will be set for April
  • More students coming to help with sectional practice


  1. Chair’s Comments:
  • Need to renew Dominic’s contract


ACTION: Chair will renew Director’s contract.


  1. Band Manager Report:
  • Someone else needs to be Land’s End account for band t-shirts
  • Treasurer offered to be secondary person on Land’s End Business Account


Meeting adjourned at 10:23 pm.

Respectfully submitted,