March 19, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting



In Attendance: Jerry Jerome, Julie Kraft, Lloyd Orr, Doug Davis, Bob Appelman, Phyllis Solnzeff, Andrew Felt, Tim Bitzer, Richard Van Arsdel, Jenn Strayer, Don Talbott, Ron Hardesty, Charles Davis, Joseph Car, Dominic Thompson

DATE: March 19, 2018

Meeting called to order at 9:10 PM.

  1. Corrections regarding Robert’s Rules procedures
    1. Note that minutes will be discussed and then opened for a motion to vote on the minutes.
    2. Jerry found that there should not be a vote to accept monthly Treasurer’s reports. We should make corrections and then have an audit later.
      1. Lloyd noted that the By-laws still state that there should be an audit every 5 years. He thought there was a vote to make that more frequent, but he doesn’t see a record, and an audit hasn’t happened frequently.
        1. A quick search of files can’t find an audit in recent memory.
        2. The 2016 audit was just a procedural one.
        3. Audits cost $1,000.
        4. Jerry will put this topic on the agenda for April for further discussion.
      2. Lloyd also noticed that the by-laws and policies have conflicting prices for dues
  2.  Minutes
    1. Jenn motioned to approve as written; Richard seconded.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Monroe County History Center
    1. Phyllis and Andrew have not pursued this yet.
    2. They will look into whether the display is still a possibility.
  5. Sound system
    1. Jerry has purchased this.
  6. Dress code
    1. Julie presented the updated dress code that she and Donn Westerhaus worked on last year but that didn’t get passed.
    2. Jerry would like to see language about whether the shirts should be tucked in.
      1. Women’s shirts are not usually meant to be tucked, and men’s polos are often not meant to be.
      2. Andrew moved to have all shirts untucked; Bob seconded.
        1. Motion approved.
        2. Julie will add this to the uniform policy.
      3. Jenn moved to approve the submitted draft of the dress code and then to add the language about untucking the shirt. Tim seconded.
        1. Motion approved.
  7. Harassment policy
    1. The harassment complaint from last year brought to light the fact that we don’t have a clear procedure about how to handle harassment.
    2. Jerry researched policies with other bands. Most organizations have one.
      1. He has presented a slightly revised version he has found from another group.
        1. Bob wondered if the statement needed to have a timeline for when individuals would be notified of a complaint.
        2. Lloyd moved to accept the code of conduct, as presented; Andrew seconded.
          1. Motion passed.
      2. Do we want to include the signatures of the board?
        1. Jerry will eliminate this.
      3. Ways of notifying the band
        1. Do we need to have a signature from members to agree to follow this policy?
        2. Could we have a blanket form that says members agree to follow all policies simply by being in the band?
          1. Alternatively, payment of dues shows agreement to follow all policies.
        3. The brochure for new members does not have a specific statement about where to find policies or the need to abide by them. There’s room for a sentence in “Member Expectations.”
        4. At the next rehearsal, Jerry will announce that the board has approved a harassment policy and that he will be sending out an email with it.
  8.  Scheduling
    1. Bicentennial
      1. BCB is opening; Swing Time is closing.
    2. Don has contacted Ryan about switching the notification system from Ryan to Dominic.
    3. Be More Awards are next Tuesday. Jerry is still looking for band members to attend.
    4.  Attendance
      1. Dominic was wondering if we’ve used Doodle polls for attendance.
      2. We have enough people struggling to use OATS, so we probably don’t want to confuse members with more methods.
      3. Jerry noted that the color of “click here” sentence made the link hard to see in OATS.
        1. Don will see if he can adjust this.
      4. Neither Dominic nor Joe will be available for the July 4th concert.
        1. We could ask Ron Sebben or Ryan Yahl.
        2. Dominic will ask Ryan while he’s asking about the notification system.
    5. Brochure
      1. Dominic is working on a foreword and realized it’s also the 40th anniversary of the band.
        1. Gary Wiggins and Dick Hyatt have been in the group for the whole time. We should announce this.
      2. Julie is working on the cover. She has planned a “Celebrating Indiana” cover. However, if we want to do something related to the anniversary, she needs images soon.
      3. We’re pretty good with ads but still have room.
        1. Doug will ask the Office Lounge if it would like to advertise, especially since we’re trying to do an Office outing after rehearsals at the end of each month.
        2. We need ads by April 1.
  9. Section leaders
    1. We were supposed to have a section leaders’ meeting last week (second Monday of the month), but Dominic forgot to announce it.
    2. Jenn asked for clarification about who is the double reed section leader….It’s her!

Meeting adjourned 9:56 PM