March 20, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

Bloomington Community Band Board Meeting Minutes

Mar. 20, 2017


Jerry Jerome called the meeting to order at 9:13 pm.


In Attendance: Lloyd Orr, Gary Wiggins, Don Talbott, Joe Car, Jenn Strayer, Anita Elsey, Phyllis Solnzeff, Ryan Yahl,  Doug Davis, Jerry Jerome, Don Westerhaus,  Bob Appelman

Not Attending: Bill McGregor, Julie Kraft


  1. Minutes were discussed. Motion to approve was made by Bob Appelman; Doug Davis seconded the motion. All voted in favor of approval.
  2. Lloyd Orr passed out the latest financial report. Jenn Strayer moved to accept the report; Don Westerhaus seconded, and all voted in favor. Lloyd also discussed the treasure’s report and suggested increasing the budget for affiliate group expenses by $1,500. Lloyd moved to approve the report, seconded by Doug Davis.
  3. Ron Hardesty was announced as the new associate treasurer, to eventually replace Lloyd. Jerry Jerome reported that the band chair would be second backup. Ron will receive all bank statements and financial reports. Lloyd and Ron will jointly take in dues during that time period. Ron is also the band’s insurance agent, and reported that he needs updated equipment and music inventories, with estimated values of each, in order to provide information to the insuring company.
  4. Website update. Jerry Jerome began a discussion about updating the website, particularly recommending the removal old governing documents from website, along with other old records. Board consensus was that the band needs to find an electronic alternative for storing old records that need to be maintained but not be public. Jenn Strayer volunteered to explore the best ways.
  5. Website security was also discussed. Don Talbott noted that Google indicates our site is not a safe site, and that he may have to redirect visitors to a more secure site location. He will report back to the board on this issue.
  6. Jenn Strayer reported on work on a new personnel brochure. She still needs to add steps for attendance on OATS and other information. She expects to have it printed by next month’s board meeting. Jerry, Doug and Lloyd will review text.
  7. Jerry Jerome brought up the issue of poor lighting in Heritage Hall. He feels the band should find a way to help St. Thomas with fundraising to replace lights. Members mentioned perhaps holding a benefit concert or ice cream social during spring or summer. Members were asked to make other suggestions. Overall cost is estimated at about $8,000 and the church doesn’t have the money.
  8. Doug reported Dixieland Band made $100 for concert at Hearthstone. He passed around a box of business cards for the band. He also mentioned the need for new band or section photos. Jerry and Doug would like to schedule part of a rehearsal a session just for a photo.
  9. Gary Wiggins reported on the latest saga of making arrangements with the IU Library to handle compensation for Jenn Strayer, our new library intern. He still has no solution. In the meantime, Jenn will work on records management for the band.
  10. Bob Appelman reported that he will be coming back to the board with a needs proposal for equipment replacement, including cymbals and others, and adding tom tom drums that we currently do not own but need for some of the music we’re playing.
  11. Ryan mentioned upcoming band concert for Wind Ensemble, and indicated that he is a bit concerned that we’re looking at too much pops.
  12. Meeting was adjourned at about 10:15 p.m. Lloyd Orr made the motion, seconded by Doug Davis. All agreed.