May 18, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

Bloomington Community Band Board Meeting May 2015

May 18, 2015

Meeting called to order: 9:17pm

In attendance: Jerry Jerome, Christy Townsend, Anita Elsey(visitor), Guy Hardy, Doug Davis, Lloyd Orr, Phyllis Solnzeff (visitor), Joe Car, Phil DiLavore, Gary Wiggins, Chelsea Hoover, Don Westerhaus, Joe Car, Jim Kirkman, Bob Appelman

Not in attendance: Bill McGregor


Meeting Minutes

Gary motions to accept the minutes as submitted.  Doug seconds.  Minutes are approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Doug motions to accept the treasurer’s report as presented, Don seconded.  Motion passes.

Chair’s Remarks

Each member of the board has specific functions within the band.  Please make sure that if you are going to miss a concert that you make sure that your function is covered.  Also, please do your part to spread the word about our concerts.

Benefit Concerts to Support NonProfits

Doug and company came up with a list of area nonprofits that we could collaborate with for a benefit concert.  We could look into making the mall Christmas concert a benefit.  Don is going to talk to the mall people about whether they’d be okay.

Purchasing a Recorder

Doug would like us to listen to ourselves to be able to help us improve.  Doug would like us to purchase the equipment to record ourselves.  The recorder that Jerry has was about $200.  We would also want to purchase a second SD card to go with it.

Bob moves that we buy it, Guy seconds.  The purchase would not be made until next month.  Motion passes with one abstention.


We have several people selling ads for the brochure and it’s moving along.  We have a target date of June 10th for the brochure to be completed.  We should have the new brochure for the last concert in June.  Until then, we have 200 or so brochures from last year that we can use.  We’re not sure where we’re at on ad sales.  We have picked up some new sales.

Auditing Financial Records

We should make some firm plans for auditing.  We should put it in the budget.

Storage of Financial Records

We would like to make sure that we have access to the Treasurer’s information.  We will ask the CPA who does our accounting what the best practice is.  We should table this discussion until after that.

Additional Concert Added

There will be a Dixieland ensemble playing June the 14th at the mall for their sidewalk sale.


Bob has maybe one person who should be able to help us out.  Bob would be willing to make up an ad to go in the paper and on Facebook.  The City of Bloomington has a volunteer newsletter that we can advertise in.

Meeting adjourned  9:52pm.