May 20, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting

May 20, 2019, called to order at 9:15 pm

In attendance: Tim Bitzer (Chair), Phyllis Solnzeff (Historian), Andrew Felt (Development Officer), Hannah Quinn Hughes (Treasurer), Richard VanArsdel (Librarian), Dominic Thompson (Director), Don Talbott (Webmaster), Jenn Strayer (Personnel Manager), Doug Davis (Equipment Manager), Ron Hardesty, and Joe Car (Assistant Director). The meeting took place at Bloomington Free Methodist Church, in Bloomington, Indiana.

ABSENT: Don Westerhaus (Band Manager) and Bill McGregor (Assistant Treasurer)

1. Minutes. The revised minutes from April 2019 were approved.

  • Actions items were reviewed:
    • Hannah/Doug to contact Jackie Hall, Lloyd’s partner, to collect more treasurer files….done.
    • Richard to explore his son’s trap set for donation to band….son is undecided.
    • Tim to discuss storage options with pastor of BFMC. Rooms upstairs are not efficient for our needs.
    ACTION:Tim will suggest that we construct a storage “shell” with PVC pipe, covered with unostentatious material so we can store percussion items in rehearsal hall. Tim will also check out Sherwood Oaks Christian Church and a large church near Clear Creek Township should storage issues continue to be an issue at BFMC. The contract is up in October.
    • Carpet cleaning in Heritage Hall at St. Thomas….done.
    • ACTION: Jenn will discuss library intern specifics with Gary Wiggins, then post vacancy on IU ILS list serve in June with the hope of filling the position by September. The current intern has been paid through June 2019.
    • Changing fiscal year…Hannah explored it and recommends against it due to too many factors involved in the change with little benefit.
    • Donate surplus music to Arkansas Valley Wind and Percussion Ensemble Library….done
    • Establish Twitter account….super Tweeter Don Talbot has done this.
    • Tim to arrange for band picture….done. High quality photo in place.
    • Don Westerhaus to find venue for Christmas party…in progress
    • ACTION: Andrew will check out building at Monroe Co. Fairgrounds.
    • Secretary to contact Janis Stockhouse to conduct in Dominick’s absence this summer…done .
    • Director to deliver dates of unavailability to band manager….done

2. Treasurer’s Report

  • • Approved as submitted.
    • Two members still owe dues from last year.
    • ACTION: Jenn and Hannah will work to explain disparity on percentage of those who have paid.
    • Each Board member and representative from affiliated groups need to submit budget requests by June 1 for next year’s budget.

Old Business

  1. Records Management Committee update: still working on getting relevant documents into office 365 cloud storage. Legal requirement is for 3 years. Lots of old documents from Lloyd need to be shredding…Tim has shredder Hannah can use.
  2.  Equipment Storage update…see above
  3. Term limits Bylaws amendment status…band voted to approve both. Constitution/Bylaws need to be changed.
    1. ACTION: Tim will do.
  4. Merger of Development and Publicity….done (see above c.)
  5. Library Intern hiring plan….see above
  6. fHeritage Hall Carpet cleaning status….done.
  7. Change our FY to match CY….not approved…..see above
  8. West Baden Xmas performance? Hire bus….waiting to hear from W. Baden.

New Business:

  1. Trailer Insurance cancellation update
    Ron informed the Board that our insurer cancelled the trailer insurance because it was insured under the BCB instead of an individual or commercial carrier. It must be insured in tandem with the vehicle carrying it. Ron is willing to insure it under his name. Cost would be $83/year. Andrew also volunteered, but for now, Ron will insure it.
  2. Excess Funds Investment Plan
    We need to determine how much we need to leave in our checking account. The Budget Committee will meet and discuss when the budget is ironed out for FY 2020.
    ACTION: Budget Committee will determine limits to investment.
  3. FY 2020 Budget Formulation. …already discussed…see above.
  4. Swingtime Band future:
    1. ACTION: Tim will get equipment and shirts from Elaine Jerome. Since the BCB owns the music for Swingtime, it will be moved to BFMC.
    2. ACTION: Tim and Doug will coordinate the move of the music. It is important to keep the music from these the BCB and Swingtime separated.
    3. ACTION: Chair will have exact wording for Term Limits for next meeting.
    4. Second BFMC key to whom: Jerry’s key to BFMC will go to Tim since he is a member of two affiliated groups.
    5. Equipment Storage Problem. Ideas?…discussed above
    6. Secretary resignation and replacement…Doug has volunteered until the end of the year unless someone else steps up.
  5. Personnel Report. ACTION: Jenn and Hannah will attempt to find a more efficient way to collect dues.
  6. Nothing significant to report from Historian, Equipment Manager, Librarian, Technology/Web Master,  Business  Development/Publicity, Scheduling, or Secretary.
  7. Treasurer’s Report. Hannah reported earnings of $6 from Amazon (6 people) and $50 from Krogers (~13 people). She volunteered to sign members up at rehearsal if we can get internet.
  8. Director and Assistant Director Comments: Joe suggested we contact Janis Stockhouse for help filling our clarinet section, which unlike the trumpet section, is losing musicians! Jenn volunteered to contact the All Campus Band for recruits for next fall..  Dominic will begin using the sound system during rehearsal to accommodate the hearing-impaired members. Thanks, Dominick….what did you say?  We AGAIN discussed the need to have band members express the courtesies as expressed in the “Rules of the Road” document. There is too much social talking during rehearsal.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15 pm.
Respectfully submitted,

Doug Davis, Interim Secretary