September 18, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

Bloomington Community Band Board Meeting Minutes

Sep. 18, 2017

Present: Jerry Jerome, Don Westerhaus, Julie Kraft, Doug Davis, Bob Appelman, Gary Wiggins, Ryan Yahl, Jenn Strayer, Kyle Hetrick, Ron Hardesty, Don Talbott, Phyllis Solnzeff, Anita Elsey,

Absent: Lloyd Orr, Joseph Car, Bill McGregor

DATE: September 18, 2017, 9:10 PM

  1. Minutes
    1. Gary moved to pass; Jenn seconded.
  2. Treasurer’s report
    1. Jenn moved to pass as presented; Kyle seconded.
  3.  Uniforms
    1. Julie and Don W will also work on wording for caps for outdoor concerts under tents or in amphitheater, maybe also not tucking in shirts
  4. Don T and Jenn: OATS is sending too much misinformation.
    1. Don T and Jenn will work on returning to the old email system.
  5. Recruitment brochure
    1. Jenn will put together a time table of finishing the brochure.
  6. Don W: Concert schedules
    1. Rehearsal starting date
      1. Could start around Feb. 20.
      2. Would still have time to practice for a nursing home concert that’s moved up to March
    2. Out-of-town concerts
      1. Don has contacted Carmel but hasn’t heard back. He suspects this year’s invitation was a one-time event since we were replacing a group that had cancelled.
      2. Greenwood would be preferable to play over Terre Haute because it’s closer and usually cooler.
      3. People miss the McCormick’s Creek picnic.
        1. Could we play in front of the lodge?
      4. We’re too big for the Tivoli stage.
        1. Could do small ensembles.
        2. Could limit one to a part.
    3. Memorial Day Weekend
      1. The City of Bloomington has offered for us to perform, but we need to decide if want to do Memorial Day weekend again.
        1. The band had previously started playing this weekend because the City was no longer asking us to play when we were trying to schedule during more popular dates in the mid-summer.
    4. Farmer’s Market
      1. No more than one
      2. Later in the summer might be better for the light.
    5. Nursing home concerts
      1. Could cut the spring Redbud concert because it’s logistically more complicated to set up than Bell Trace.
      2. Bell Trace audiences are very appreciative and is willing to pay us.
    6. Christmas
      1. The College Mall is already asking if we want to book a Christmas concert.
    7. Overall, we need to be more forceful about when we play and not letting locations control all our dates.
  7. Section leaders
    1. Jerry: We need to have more regular meetings and more section leader leadership.
    2. Technically, section leaders are chosen by the director, but realistically, they’ve been grandfathered in.
  8. Nominating committee
    1. Jerry and Jenn are going to talk about putting together a committee.
  9. Director search
    1. Jerry: Though Ryan is probably available to help conduct through the spring, we need to start looking at the start of 2018.
    2. Bob: In the last search, the committee got lots of help from Dr. Pratt and other area conductors for finding new conductors.
    3. Ryan had suggested talking to a few Music Education professors.
    4. Frank Battaglia is a retired director from the Bedford area.
    5. Bob and Jenn would like to return to this committee. Will see if Emily would like to do it again too.
  10.  Attendance
    1. Besides not using OATS, a lot of people are missing concerts and rehearsals.
    2. Phyllis: We had 27 people absent at McCormick’s Creek.
    3. Jerry: Strong section leaders will help keep track of when we’ll be missing too many people.
    4. Cutting down the concerts should help with dedication to attendance.
  11.  Recruitment
    1. 4th Street contact list
      1. Doug will send out the contact lists.
    2. Ivy Tech
      1. Doug sent a few possible contacts to section leaders.
  12. Doug: Thank you to Kyle and Bob for all the extra time they spend on the library and equipment.

Adjourned 10:05