Paul O. Sawyer (May 27, 1906 – February 19, 1987) received his musical education at Central Normal College in Danville, Indiana and the Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Music in Indianapolis (which in 1951 became a part of Butler University).  He studied trombone with Noble Howard, a former Sousa band member who played with the Indianapolis Symphony.  He also studied flute with James Hasmer of the Indianapolis Symphony, oboe with Harvey McGuire of the Cleveland Symphony, and percussion with Charles Hengie of the Jordan Conservatory. Mr. Sawyer was first chair trombone in the concert band at Arthur Jordan, and he spent four years in the U.S. Army Service Band. His experience as a band director included teaching positions at Dover (3 years), Decatur Central (Indianapolis, 3 years), Greenwood (2 years), Tipton (4 years), and Charlestown, Indiana (9 years) before moving to Florida in 1958. While at Charlestown, he tested students during the fifth grade and decided that Gary Wiggins would make a good trombone player.  Sawyer himself was a trombone player, so the free lessons he gave to Wiggins during the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades provided a firm foundation and were in fact the only sustained formal training in music that he ever had. Mr. Sawyer’s philosophy of teaching was expressed in a quote in the Tipton Tribune in 1949, shortly before he came to Charlestown, “One would not expect a student to be a machinist by reading it out of a book. Neither can one expect a student to be a musician or appreciate good music unless that student has an opportunity to advance on a chosen instrument.”